password-strength.com is a collaborative effort between industry and academia. It is partially funded by a grant from the NSF Cyber Trust initiative.

How it works.

The password strength meter checks your password for the total amount of entropy. Entropy is a term to describe the amount of randomness present, which in turn determines how much effort would be needed to break your password in the case of a data breach. More entropy means your password is better and your data is safer. This password strength meter runs completely in your browser, on your device. You never hit submit or give any account information.

How do I improve my score?

Passwords are ranked based on how quickly they are cracked using methods currently known to be in use by cyber criminals. Easily broken passwords are those which include common words, dates, years or those with patterns, like repeating words, letters or even patterns on a keyboard (ex:qwerty). To improve your score, use a password which is over 10 characters, does not include a common dictionary word and mixes uppercase, lowercase, punctuation and numbers.